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Communicating OEMs, importers, dealers, and financial institutions. Safo is a user-friendly, customizable framework for OEMs, importers, dealers, and financial institutions. Safo supports organizations in team collaboration, data aggregation and presentation, KPI reporting, sales planning and forecasts, sales bonuses, special fleet discounts, dealership performance tracking.



Agile approach, resilient effects

SAFO was designed by people with on-site dealership backgrounds and network management know-how. We know how dynamic sales-oriented businesses are. SAFO provides maximum agility and scalability. With Vowos’ experience in rapid application development, you have a partner who provides you with reasonable quick solutions no matter what are the challenges of tomorrow. With years of successful operations in leading automotive brands, SAFO proofed its reliability in dynamic business environments.

SAFO modules

SAFO  consists of modules that can work separately. Each module covers a complete business process. All modules work according to the best market practices. However, the software is adaptable and tailored fit to your business model.  What you get is a custom look and feel. Just the software you need. No more, no less.

Special Fleet Discounts

Helps OEMs and importers to manage the processing of special fleet discounts and bonuses. If you need to support your key selling opportunities with extra discounts, and you need to have it done in a transparent and auditable way  -SAFO is a simple and smart way to do it. You can manage information flow among your key accounts, dealerships, financial institutions, and importer representatives in one easy to use online tool.

Dealership Business Plans

A place where you have all information about individual annual business plans from your dealership network. Clear information about selling targets, production plans, stock, purchasing forecasts, marketing activities, quality standaards, budgets, headcount, training, etc. SAFO allows documenting negotiations and changes in the dealership's business plans. Have it all clear and transparent in SAFO.

Dealership Performance Panel

Online business intelligence app.  Allows to report and publish sales KPIs in a clear and user-friendly dashboard and/or graph board.  Combines sales funnel specifics,  sales results, forecasts, and financials.  Allows instant information flow between key stakeholders. Brakes down your results by salesman, dealers, regions, models, time periods. Compares them to benchmarks and historical data. Allows a quick dive from “helicopter view” to details and specifics. If you need to make data-driven decisions you are definitely going to appreciate the Dealership Performance Panel.

Dealership Bonus Calculator

Our flagship app. Allows importers/OEMs to calculate and communicate dealership bonuses. Stores history, changes, and business correspondence followng a simple step by step process:

      1. Importer/OEM sets up targets for dealerships in SAFO Business Plans module (sales plans/KPIs/tasks/quality standards/anything you have in your dealership bonus program);
      2. SAFO imports dealership performance data from the data warehouse, DMS-es, any other source;
      3. Performance-related bonuses are calculated automatically in SAFO BONUS CALCULATOR;
      4. Bonus sponsor evaluates tasks. Task-related bonuses are calculated in SAFO Bonus Calculator. Task-related bonuses are evaluated by OEM/Importer employees i.e. RSMs, Sales Directors, etc.
      5. Full information for the dealers is e-mailed or available in dealership SAFO accounts. Dealers receive transparent information about their: targets, performance, bonuses - with details down to a single transaction (sold unit).
      6. SAFO allows making and documenting corrections and amendments in paid-out bonuses.

Believe us. We have been there and we have seen a lot. If you need software to help you out but you think your dealership bonus program is too…..flexible, complex, or difficult to put into our app - we think we might be ready to accept your challenge.

Sales Managers' Panel

Simple in use but powerful app for a team of Regional Sales Managers. Helps them to document meetings with dealership staff, assign tasks, distribute recommendations, manage and document dealership requests.  If you feel that RSMs’ e-mail based communication with dealers is reaching its limitations -  discover SAFO  SALES MANAGERS' PANEL.  Have your hands-on business approach with SAFO.

CRM safo

Final proof that Salespeople can enjoy working with a CRM system. When building this module we focused on how to make SAFO CRM simple and easy to use. The app provides maximum functionality and process automation with minimum time consumption. Helps to keep track of your sales opportunities, key accounts, and other contacts. SAFO CRM is also a powerful tool for Sales Managers to manage their sales teams and keep a consistent customer-centric approach. Take the most out of every sales opportunity with SAFO CRM.

Data security

We value your trust. VOWOS follows up-to-date procedures aiming at protecting data against loss or missuse. SAFO is usually installed on secure servers inside the corporate IT safe zone. It is operated and backed up within the individual corporate IT security guidelines.  If you choose to be run SAFO on VOWOS secure servers, we will use the best market standards to provide you with a safe and stable environment.


Safo step by step


Share your business case with us. Let us know about your challenges. Show  us what you want to achieve and how you need to work in order to meet your future goals.


Dream out loud a perfect solution. Imagine a problem solver. Easy to use, effective tool to organize and support your field-force operations.


Basing on the best market standards we will design a piece of software tailored exactly to your needs. 


Thanks to rapid app development you are going to see the result quickly. You will be able to experience your software along the way, as it is being developed.


Watch the software go-live and fine-tune it.  Your business solution will be taken care of by VOWOS support team.  Go enjoy your work, focus on what is important to achieve your goals. Benefit form the solutions trusted by the best.


Watch out our software is “addictive”.  Because it is highly efficient and cost effective - almost all of our partners  decide to  expand it and  go extra miles with us.